What is Rawhide?

Rawhide bones are a popular chewing treat for dogs, but their safety has been questioned. Understanding what rawhide is and how it’s processed is essential for any dog owner.

What Exactly is Rawhide?

Rawhide refers to the inner layer of the hide of animals, typically cows, but can also come from other livestock like pigs, sheep, horses, and water buffalo. The source and conditions in which these animals were raised can influence the quality and safety of rawhide products.

Rawhide Production

In the US, rawhide usually travels in chilled containers to prevent decay, while it might be treated with chemicals elsewhere for preservation. Once at the production facility, it’s cleaned with solutions such as ash-lye to remove hair and fat, then possibly with bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Some international producers may use harsh substances like arsenic or formaldehyde, but these are not used in the United States.

Why Dogs Enjoy Raw hide

The act of chewing has deep roots in a dog’s natural behavior. Puppies chew to explore and soothe teething discomfort, while adult dogs maintain the habit to clean their teeth, alleviate boredom, and reduce stress.

Consumption and Risks

Raw hide softens as dogs chew, allowing them to break off and digest small pieces. Problems occur when dogs bite off larger chunks, which can lead to choking or blockages requiring emergency veterinary intervention, and potentially, can be fatal.

Pros and Cons of Rawhide Bones

Pros Cons
Satisfies chewing urge Risk of choking on large pieces
Potentially helps with dental health Possible chemical treatment
Can provide long-lasting entertainment Risk of digestive blockage
Some dogs find them highly appealing Can cause issues if consumed rapidly

Safer Alternates to Rawhide

Veterinarians often suggest safer alternatives:

  • Organic Carrots: A healthy snack; make sure they are large and tops are trimmed.
  • SmartBones SmartSticks: A digestible twist on rawhide.
  • Pawstruck 100% Natural Beef Tendon Chews: Fully natural chew option.
  • Snooks Sweet Potato Dog Chews: A veggie-based treat.
  • Zukes Z-Ridge Dental Bones: Promotes dental health.

Always choose a chew that is softer than your dog’s teeth to avoid damage.

Guidelines for Giving Rawhide

  • Know the Source: Choose rawhide from reputable sources, ensuring better quality and safety.
  • Avoid Flavors: Stick with unflavored varieties to avoid potential sensitivities.
  • Size Appropriateness: Ensure the treat is the right size for your dog, avoiding shapes that can be chewed off and swallowed.
  • Supervision is Key: Always watch your dog when they’re enjoying a chew to prevent any accidents.

Remember that while treats are enjoyable, they should be given in moderation, and your dog’s safety should always come first.

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